What can I do in my online members’ area?

Restore your PIN, blocking and activating your card, report stolen/lost card, view your balance and transaction details.

What’s a UpayCard?

A prepaid reloadable VISA card by ICP Finance Ltd. in collaboration with MAX IT Finance Ltd., valid for five years. Available in three currencies: ILS, USD and Euro.

Who can get a UpayCard?

Anyone. Israeli citizens and foreign residents, no bank account needed.

How do I get a UpayCard?

You can order online and get it delivered to your door or to one of the pickup spots detailed on the website; you can also purchase the card at designated reload spots.

What does it take to buy a UpayCard?

A valid ID for Israeli citizens, an ID and passport for non-Israeli citizens.

How can I view my card transactions?

Once you purchase and load your card, you will receive an onboarding SMS with a website link where you can view your transactions and perform various actions.

Can the card be blocked?

The card can be blocked 24/7 via website, or by phone during office hours.

Where can I use the card?

The card is accepted nearly anywhere in Israel and abroad. Use it for physical, online or phone transactions, and/or ATM cash withdrawal.

How can I load the card?

By bank transfer, cash deposit or directly by credit card via our customer service, and/or by cash/credit card at one of the reload spots in select stores across the country.

How can I view my card balance?

24/7 via website, or by phone during office hours.

Can I renew my PIN?

Yes, 24/7 via website.

What should I do if I lost my card?

In case of loss or theft and to prevent unauthorized use, block the card 24/7 via website, or by phone during office hours.

Can I order a card in my name?

Certainly, for 59.90ILS, either by phone or email. Allow approximately two business days for production.

What card fees are there?

Click here to view reload charges and card fees

Are there card limitations?

You can have up to two cards per ID, and up to 10,000 ILS per single reload. Click here to read all limitations .

Are there conversion fees in USD/Euro cards?

There are no conversion fees for transactions made in the original card currency.

Can I withdraw my card balance?

Certainly, at any reload point, or withdraw in cash at an ATM.

Can I get and load a card for someone else?

Sure. The card is especially designed for employers who wish to load funds for their employees, and/or individuals who want to load money for a first-degree relative. Contact our customer service and sign an employer/relative statement.

Can salary cards be loaded for companies and organizations?

Yes, once the relevant documents have been signed.

I transferred funds, how long will it be before my card is loaded?

Within one business day from the moment the money enters the company’s account.

Can a card be blocked or unblocked at any time?


Do I pay fees while the card is blocked?

No, but make sure that there are funds to cover reload charges and monthly membership fees, otherwise the card will be overdrawn at MAX IT Finance Ltd.